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harga plakatWooden plaques are still the choice of many people to show appreciation and recognition for achievers. Even with the popularity of other materials like crystal and metal for plaques and trophies, a plaque that's made of solid wood still has a unique charm and elegance. Engraving companies make sure they pick the type of wood that will best represent excellence and achievement. Among the common timbers used in making plaques are rosewood, walnut, cedar, red oak, white oak, and maple.
Rosewood usually comes in rich brown hues that feature dark veining. Aside from its striking beauty, it's also known to be a strong wood that comes out even better after polishing or other finishing. It is sought after as excellent material for musical instruments like guitars and marimbas. Billiard cues and chess pieces also have more value harga plakat when made with rosewood. It's also a popular timber for furniture and flooring. There are also boats that are constructed out of this lovely dark wood. Its durability and moderate price in most countries make it a good choice for a wooden plaque.
Walnut is another favorite material used in making plaques, frames, and crafts. While it's a durable wood, it's easy to work. Engraving and carving are easy to do on walnut because it offers little resistance to blades and other shaping instruments. With its naturally beautiful and smooth exterior, it doesn't need any finish.
Cedar plaques also look good and last long, also because of its properties similar to walnut. It can be worked easily and has a strong quality. It comes in a variety of colors including light golden brown to deep brown with reddish tint, and sometimes black streaks. Its grain adds a unique style to this timber. All these characteristics of cedar make it a great choice also for fine furniture.
Oak timber, both red and white types, is also used for plaques. It may not be as durable as the other wood types mentioned here, but engravers and furniture makers remedy this by filling in its grain and giving it a good finish. As you can decipher in its names, red oak an white oak differs mainly in their colors, with white oak being lighter than the other type, of course.
Award plaques can also be made of maple wood. Maple, though, can easily warp if you let it soak up water or any liquid. It is a material that's quite sensitive to extreme temperatures and sunlight. It would be best to keep it in a place with controlled temperature.
Whatever type of timber you use, wooden plaques do have distinctive characteristics that make them a classic. Especially since many of the awards given today are made of metal, acrylic or glass, one that's made of wood would make it stand out and more memorable than the usual.

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